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Welcome to COMCHI

~ Ignite Your Potential ~ Grow Your Community ~ Experience Transformative Growth ~


Our workshops ignite inner potential, nurture team building, and fuel profound personal and collective growth. 


Complementing these transformative experiences, our curated selection of products serves as steadfast companions, enriching the learning process and fostering an enduring path of continuous growth.

What is COMCHI?




Latin root for 'together'

Divine life that exists in all

Coming together to share in the spirit of each other

Meet Our COMCHI Experts

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Daniella Land

Meet Daniella, co-founder of COMCHI, a visionary dedicated to unlocking potential.  Daniella excels at awakening latent abilities and kindling inner magic. With Fortune 500 experience, she turns dreams into reality and fosters creativity and collaboration. Daniella's core belief is that transformation arise when individuals align with their essence and embrace the principle of 'COMCHI' — coming together to share in the spirit of each other.

Bo Shappell

Meet Bo, co-author of "ALL IN: The Mindset of Fitness," a prominent educational leader and expert in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) with over 15 years of experience. He champions SEL initiatives and holistic wellness approaches in schools nationwide, earning recognition from SHAPE PA, SHAPE America, and the Department of Education. His exceptional contributions led to the 2021 SHAPE PA Professional Honor Award, honoring his outstanding scholarship and leadership.

“We had so much fun at the workshop! It was engaging, insightful, and connected our team more meaningfully.”

Matt L., NJ

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