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COMCHI is coming together to share in the spirit of each other. We offer workshops that ignite inner potential, nurture team building, and fuel profound personal and collective growth. Complementing these transformative experiences, our curated selection of products serves as steadfast companions, enriching the learning process and fostering an enduring path of continuous growth.


Daniella Land

Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator

Meet Daniella, the co-founder of COMCHI, a dynamic and transformative visionary dedicated to awakening potential. From leading life-transforming workshops for a diverse range of individuals, including correctional inmates and school students, to her role as a certified yoga instructor, Daniella possesses a unique gift for igniting awareness, harnessing latent abilities, and evoking the magic within. 

Daniella excels in turning dreams into reality, whether she's building thriving businesses or helping individuals and teams reach their full potential. Drawing upon her extensive experience in Fortune 500 companies, where she excelled in spearheading cross-functional initiatives and successfully launching products and brands, Daniella honed in on ways to establish a culture of creativity and collaboration. Her life philosophy harmoniously weaves presence and intuition with logic and strategic planning, creating a tapestry of holistic living that's both inspiring and effective.

Her most recent creative endeavor, 'A Dog's View,' stands as a testament to her ability to infuse life with playfulness and manifest highly imaginative visions.

Throughout her work, Daniella's central theme is that true growth and transformation occur when individuals align with their essence and embrace the principle of 'COMCHI' — coming together to share in the spirit of each other."


B.A. International Studies, Conflict Resolution & Anthropology, West Chester University


Certified Facilitator, Alternative to Violence Project

Certified Facilitator, Non Violent Communications


Bo Shappell

Bo Shappell

Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator

Bo Shappell is a recognized expert in education, wellness, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). As a co-author of the book "ALL IN: The Mindset of Fitness" and a seasoned creator of programs for schools across the country, Bo's influence extends nationwide. In his role as an academic leader for creative arts and human performance, he plays a crucial role in leading districtwide initiatives on SEL and has successfully implemented various programs aimed at enhancing the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of both staff and students. Bo's exceptional programs have gained recognition and have been featured as valuable resources by organizations such as SHAPE America, and the PA Department of Education.

What sets Bo apart is his unique style—he infuses every endeavor with an infectious spirit of fun and boundless energy. His approach to learning and personal growth is not just engaging but genuinely enjoyable. Moreover, Bo's distinctive philosophy emphasizes the importance of forging connections before diving into content. He believes that strong, positive relationships are the cornerstone of effective education and personal development. Bo possesses a unique ability not just to inspire individuals but also to actively nurture team building and collaboration. By fostering connections and cultivating an engaging learning environment, he ensures that his programs resonate profoundly with individuals and teams alike, ultimately leading to enduring transformation and growth.

He was recognized for his achievements in 2019 when Representative David M. Maloney presented him with the prestigious Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation. Additionally, Bo was honored with the SHAPE PA Middle School PE Teacher of the Year award, followed by the Eastern District Middle School PE Teacher of the Year award in 2021. Most recently, Bo was proudly bestowed with the 2021 SHAPE PA Professional Honor Award, acknowledging his outstanding contributions and exemplary scholarship in the allied fields.


B.S. Kinesiology, West Chester University

M.Ed. Classroom Technology, Wilkes University

Principal PK-12, Immaculata University


Instructional II, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Personal Trainer, American Council of Exercise (ACE)

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