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At COMCHI, we're dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations through a range of transformative services designed to foster personal growth, enhance interpersonal relationships, and elevate team dynamics.

Do your students struggle to develop meaningful relationships and dialogue? Explore innovative approaches to relationship building by incorporating two powerful tools: COMCHI cards and blocks.  Learn how a fun, multifaceted, and interactive card game of questions, reflections, and metaphors can foster self-awareness and strengthen connections with your students. Additionally, explore innovative blocks that transform abstract ideas such as emotions, core values, and essential skills, into tangible, hands-on learning experiences. Through COMCHI cards and blocks, you can cultivate an immersive and interactive atmosphere that transforms traditional learning into captivating and exciting experiences for students of all ages and abilities in your classroom. Participants will leave with a range of activities and strategies that they can readily implement within their own classrooms.

Health and Physical Education is the ideal training ground for fostering social-emotional learning (SEL). What tools do you have in your SEL toolbox?  Learn fun and engaging activities that focus on all five SEL competencies.  Whether you currently implement SEL in your curriculum or this is your first time, participants will leave with new ideas and activities that bridge the core competencies of CASEL with the standards and grade-level outcomes from SHAPE America.  

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of team building! In this workshop, we will explore the power of experiential learning in a variety of team building and group interactions. Discover activities that engages participants in thrilling challenges, fosters personal growth, and promotes teamwork and leadership skills. Leave this presentation equipped with a toolkit of innovative activities and strategies that you can bring back to your own educational environment, empowering your students to learn, grow, and thrive through immersive experiences. 

The Collaborator's Craft is about being the architect of innovation, the leader who conjures magic within any group. Here, you'll not only explore practical strategies for embracing possibilities but also gain insights into cultivating an environment where creativity and fresh perspectives take root. Whether you're a seasoned leader looking to enhance your creative leadership skills or an individual contributor aiming to foster a culture of collaboration, this workshop offers actionable pathways to becoming the person others are eager to collaborate with. 

Blocks Person Building
Connect With COMCHI
Intended for K-12 Educators

What's In Your
SEL Toolbox?

Intended for K-12 Health & PE Educators
Teambuilding Locking Hands

Teambuilding for Teachers

Intended for K-12 Educators
Open hands, offering

The Collaborator's Craft: Mastering Creative Leadership

Intended for Adults
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